This Amethyst w/Tiger's Eye Crystal Bracelet is made wtih 108 6mm genuine crystal beads on secure stretch bead string. It can be wrapped around the wrist to create multiple bracelets. The crystals are Lavender Amethyst which benefits: physical, emotional and psychological pain, decision making, recurrent nightmares, fear, anxiety, and greif. Amethyst is beneficial for promoting love of the divine, its properties are similar to lavendar amethyst but it also guards against psychic attack, transmuting it to love. A natural tranquilizer, it purifies the aura. Both Amethyst's are high vibration crystals. Tiger's Eye assists in reclaiming personal power, pride, self-confidence, internal conflicts, emotional balance, depression and yin-yang balance. 

All crystal bracelets are Reiki infused and energetically cleansed. Shipped to you ready to wear.

Divine Focus Mala

  • Do not submerge in water if possible, while most crystals will hold up just fine some are sensitive to salt water and/or chlorine. To prolong the life of the bracelet itself keep away from heat and do not overstretch.