This Kids Sleepytime Crystal Bracelet is made with 6mm faceted gemstone beads on secure stretch magic elastic. Aquamarine-Helps to connect us to the healing benefits of water, a powerful element, which makes up 70% of our own bodies. It helps to cleanse and purify our bodies from toxins and as a result creates an inner peace. Known as an all purpose healer, it treats spiritual, psychological and physical upset. It has a calming effect on the body and helps with nervous energy, restoring the wearer to peace. It helps us stay connected to our inner tranquility and encourages time for contemplation and meditation and can connect us to higher realms of consciousness. Amethyst- Decision making, recurrent nightmares, protection from psychic attack, soothes anger, rage, fear, anxiety and grief. Promotes love of the divine and enhances metaphysical abilities. Purifies the aura and encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Balances emotional highs and lows. Rose Quartz- Induces love, reduces tension, overcomes trauma, grief and addiction, over comes rape and is the most important crystal for healing the heart. Releases unexpressed emotions and restores trust and harmony. Acts as as rescue remedy providing reassurance and calm. Draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving thoughts. Teaches unconditional love of oneself and others. Excellent for pain relief. Paired with the Sheep charm as a reminder for children to count sheep if they have a hard time sleeping and something cute they can look at in the dark. 

All crystal bracelets are Reiki Infused and energetcially cleansed before shipping.

Kids SleepyTime Crystal Bracelet

  • Women

    Small is Approx. 16-18cm 

    Medium is Approx. 18-20cm 

    Large is Approx. 20-22cm 

    XL is Approx. 22-24cm 


    Small is Approx.18-20cm 

    Medium is Approx. 20-22cm 

    Large is Approx. 22-24cm 

    XL is Approx. 24-26cm 


    For KIDS please measure wrist since they vary depending on age and size.


    Measure wrist and add 1.5cm to make sure it fits comfortably unless you want the crystals right up against the wrist.

    All crystal bracelets made on secure elastic stretch magic bead string.