This Moonstone Holiday Crystal Bracelet is made with 6mm genuine crystal beads on secure stretch magic elastic. Rainbow Moonstone assists in deep emotional healing, embodies goddess energy, it activates intuition and is reflective and reminds you that everything is a part of a cycle of change. Lessens the need to overreact emotionally, encourages lucid dreaming, especially during a full moon. Is filled with receptive, passive, feminine energy and balances male-female energies and assists men who want to get in touch with their feminine side. Also helpful during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Calms hyperactive children. Moonstone is a perfect crystal during the holiday season to bring you into a place of openness and gentle emotional response to friends and family, getting you through the holidays with grace. Paired with the moon charm which represents the phases life goes through and the deeper connection to the lunar or feminine side of ourselves. It's easy to see why this crystal bracelet is the perfect gift!All crystal bracelets are Reiki Infused and energetically cleansed. Shipped to you ready to wear.

Rainbow Moonstone Holiday Crystal Bracelet

  • Do not submerge in water if possible, while most crystals will hold up just fine some are sensitive to salt water and/or chlorine. To prolong the life of the bracelet itself keep away from heat and do not overstretch.