This Rainbow Druzy Agate Crystal Bracelet is made with 8mm quality crystal beads on secure stretch magic elastic. This crystal bracelet is as raw as it gets. Druzy Agate is a stone that purifies and amplifies the body's natural healing properties and strengthens the spirit. It is also believed to provide the balance necessary to avoid depression or unnatural feelings of fear or dread. Helps the wearer relax, reduces stress levels, energizes and uplifts the emotions. Helps you find your inner light and connect to all levels of the divine. It is a stone that needs to be taken care of, be careful not to bump it repeatedly as it is in its most natural state. Helps keep you connected to the magic and joy of Mother Nature. Paired with the Buddah head which represents finding inner harmony and peace.

All crystal bracelets are energetically cleansed and Reiki infused. Shipped to you ready to wear.


Rainbow Druzy Crystal Bracelet

  • Do not submerge in water if possible, while most crystals will hold up just fine some are sensitive to salt water and/or chlorine. To prolong the life of the bracelet itself keep away from heat and do not overstretch.