This Ruby in Zoisite Crystal Bracelet is made with 6mm quality beads on secure stretch magic elastic. Ruby in Zoisite is made of Ruby and Green Zoisite and is a marriage of patience and passion. It enhances the connection between the head and the heart and reminds us that when the two work together they can accomplish incredible things. It is a healer on the physical level and on an emotional level assists in releasing depression, anger, grief, self harming behaviors and self disregard. It attracts energies of abundance and prosperity and helps you realize your dreams. During times of stress it calms emotional response and grounds you, helping you feel secure and confident. Its a wonderful stone to use for business and career endeavors since it creates a positive and happy feeling for anyone who wears it. It will help revitalize your commitment to your higher purpose. Paired with the Earth charm as a way to remind the wearer to reconnect to earth energy for maximum healing and inner peace.

All crystal bracelets are Reiki infused and energetically cleansed. Shipped to you ready to wear.

In Harmony With The Earth Crystal Bracelet

  • Women

    Small is Approx. 16-18cm 

    Medium is Approx. 18-20cm 

    Large is Approx. 20-22cm 

    XL is Approx. 22-24cm 


    Small is Approx.18-20cm 

    Medium is Approx. 20-22cm 

    Large is Approx. 22-24cm 

    XL is Approx. 24-26cm 


    For KIDS please measure wrist since they vary depending on age and size.


    Measure wrist and add 1.5cm to make sure it fits comfortably unless you want the crystals right up against the wrist.

    All crystal bracelets made on secure elastic stretch magic bead string.