These Smokey & Clear Quartz Cube Crystal Bracelets are part of the Special FALL Collection. They are made with genuine crystal cubes on secure stretch magic elastic. Smokey Quartz is a powerful grounding stone that dispels negativity and fear bringing emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. It promotes positive thoughts and actions, alleviating suicidal tendencies. It is detoxifying on all levels and protects against environmental toxins. Smoky Quartz’s power lies in its ability to protect and ground one physically and spiritually to this world, and to absorb and transmute significant amounts of negative energy and release it into the Earth to be neutralized naturally. It provides a vital shield against psychic attack, emotional and environmental stress and is used extensively in healing and meditation. Clear Quartz is the master healer for any condition, an energy enhancer, it absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It takes energy to the most perfect state possible before dis-ease sets in, acts as a deep soul cleanser and connects the physical dimension with the mind. It enhances metaphysical abilities and attunes to spiritual purpose. Combined with an anciet looking bead it begged to be part of the Special FALL Collection!

All crystal bracelets are Reiki Infused and Energetically Cleansed. Shipped to you ready to wear. 


Smokey & Clear Quartz Cubes FALL Collection

  • Do not submerge in water if possible, while most crystals will hold up just fine some are sensitive to salt water and/or chlorine. To prolong the life of the bracelet itself keep away from heat and do not overstretch