Pink Shrub

NEW! Self-Healing Kits

     Heavenly Bracelet Shop loves all things healing so as the next step into a deeper understanding of ourselves and a deeper connection to the planet we came up with these handmade Self-Healing Kits.

   Each kit includes: 1) One Lava Rock crystal bracelet or similar 2) One small vial of quality essential oil. 3) One stick of Sage or Palo Santo  4) One Intention Setting All Natural Soy Candle.

    The box itself can be used as a portable Altar so you can take this kit anywhere! Each box comes embellished with flowers and a feather to complete the beauty of this Self Healing Kit, they do vary in decorations and each one is different.

    We made these self-healing kits easily accessible and easily implemented into our daily lives. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!!

Pink Flower

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